Redefining food at workplace
Tonguestun is an online marketplace for enterprises to discover, engage and manage food at the workplace.
Your Password for a happy Cafeteria.
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Manage your Cafeteria
  • Caterers with great references and within your budget.
  • Discover hidden gems from the caterer community.
  • Hassle free caterer discovery and management.
  • Widest variety of caterers across cuisines.
  • Reduce food wastage
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Hand Picked Top Caterers
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Quarterly Caterers Auto Rotation
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Single PO & Invoices
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Automated Reports
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Digitize your Cafeteria
  • Simplified food ordering and secure payments.
  • Employee feedback and engagement app.
  • Digital meal consumption tracking.
  • Instant café updates.
  • One click support.
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Meal Delivery Tracking
Employee feedback app fa7134d30b3981ef4f82479071246e021bc18ecb8b90c8acdb38c02a05e4c1be
Employee Feedback App
Meal ordering   queue management 9dc739566350b2625f095b37b829421e74e3c11adda32bb164cc4a1ea4da8f87
Meal Ordering & Queue Management
Meal consumption tracking 876609ff34cc01921a0923ddaf6542794f844ddd727e268a76742eadebef914c
Meal Consumption Tracking
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Upgrade your Cafeteria Experience
  • Introduce promising vendors across service categories.
  • Celebrate food at the office.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.
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Happy Canopy
Food festival 5736f998bad132d2185b28a387cab8cc44fd32c0ed92d20fbc439c7c3c5de3a3
Food Festival
Employee engagement 9d68329186de2ad4b874ad1e62300cdcea6b34c6d076a383ac39ad7fc230fa89
Employee Engagement
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Upgraded Cafe experience
Detailed caterer profiles
Save time on finding or validating a caterer. We have thoroughly vetted our empanneled caterers via systematic kitchen audits and client references.
Employee engagement
Bid good bye to sticking menus on walls and sharing feedback via a link that never gets clicked. TongueStun ensures engagement with employees personally!
Comprehensive dashboard
Tonguestun brings to you a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard that helps monitor, analyze and manage quality, consumption and feedback.
Reliable support
We are not just a portal, we are real people who are on a mission to ensure a great meal experience at the workplace.
Meals enabled per day
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Our platform at work
Cities in India
Happy companies
Curated food partners
Clients who trust us
Features for stakeholders
For employee
Freedom from monotonous food, robust feedback options
For HR
Employee satisfaction, employee tax benefits
For admin
Caterer discovery, online cafe management
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